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AK Party 

AK Party was set up in August 2001. Just 15 months later, with the election on November 3rd, 2002 it became the first party. We are proud of it and thankful to our citizens to be the governing Party since then. It is worth mentioning that AK Party has increased its votes in every election, which is almost impossible for a governing party under democratic elections.

There was and still is no doubt about the European perspective of AK Party  and Turkey. Especially in the last 12 years Turkey made a great step forwards both politically and economically. Undoubtedly AK Party will sustain to be a catalytic towards democratization and political liberalization.

AK Party Brussels Office

As a part of European perspective AK Party has taken office in 2014 in Brussels. One of our important tasks will be to improve the mutual understanding both between Europe and Turkey as well as between European Political Parties and AK Party.

  • We aim to work very closely with EU Parliament, EU Commissions and civil societies within Europe.
  • To give more information about the current issues in Turkish policy and to prevent misconceptions are just two of our main goals.
  • We will feel ourselves also very happy to hear constructive and not unilateral critics that will lead us to deepen our democracy.
  • We will be happy to engage both our friends and critics to learn and further improve our democracy.
  • And, in doing so, we will also remind our friends and interlocutors that EU process is not a monolog but dialog.

AK Party Brussels intends to contribute the European societies in the light of universal values, based on democracy and human rights.