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Schedule of the Academy


Module 1 / Speakers

Date: 11.03.2017 / 12.03.2017  Start time: 12;00- 16: 30

Topic: Existing in Europe, opportunities and risks – Turkey’s social structure and political culture- Presidential Government System 

Professor Dr Edibe SÖZEN (AK Party CDAC member – 23rd Term deputy for Istanbul-Academician)

Professor Dr Mehmet Emin KÖKTAŞ (Vice-dean of Sebahattin Zaim University)


Module 2 / Speakers

Date: 18 .03.2017 /19.03.2017  Start time: 12;00- 16: 30

Topic: Presidential Government System and Constitution 

Professor Dr Şükrü KARATEPE (Key advisor of the president-Academician)

Dr Mehmet UÇUM (Key advisor of the president–25th Term deputy for Kars)


Module 3

Date:  25.03.2017 / 26.03.2017 Start time: 12;00- 16: 30

Topic: Constitution and Government System- Presidential Government System 

Professor Dr Yaşar HACISALİHOĞLU (Rector of Yeni Yüzyıl University)

Professor Dr Gonca BAYRAKTAR DURGUN (Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Gazi University)


Module 4

Date: 01.04.2017 / 02.04.2017 Start time: 12;00- 16: 30

Topic: Political communication, Code of conduct- International Relations, Turkish Economy and New Government System

Dr Fatih AKBABA (Personal Development and Social Communication expert)

Ülker GÜZEL (24th Term deputy for Ankara –Academician)


Exam date: 02.04.2017 Start time: 12:00