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Political Academy of the AK Party Brussels

Political Academy that was coordinated by AK Party Headquarters and AK Party Brussels Office is a free for all training activity that aimed at building bridges between electors and party, increasing social interest towards politics, inform participants about history, political history, economy and foreign policy.

‘Political Academy’ idea was belong to Founding Chairman of AK Party, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  He also transferred this idea into practice.

The target of the program is making all Turkish citizens as conscious people that play an active role in the construction of Turkey’s future. Without looking any political identity, the program aims at enhance participants’ cultural and political background. In this direction, more than 50 thousand people who has different opinions and political tendencies found opportunity to have training between 2008 January – 2013 June. From those, 25 thousand participants finished successfully their trainings and had right to get certificate. Political Academy’s new target is running a program that essential administrative and political structure necessary for ‘Great Power Turkey’ will discuss particularly based upon examples from world and concrete applications. Lessons were applied as theoretical and practical those were collected under 4 main headings, 60 subheadings in total. Program was at AK Party Brussels Office between the dates 11 March and 2 April. 360 hours one-to-one lessons were done; success and motivations, decision-making, decision making process, solving problem and division management, efficient time management, communication skills, leadership and rhetoric, safe digital life lessons were done online as well. After the lessons, examinations were held. Participants who followed the lessons and were successful in the exams got the chance to have certificate of achievement.